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flying the Hiller

Postby gonzalo theurel » Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:16 pm

Hi every one, Just a short note to say that I enjoy this page very much and that I visit it frequently.

I still have my Hiller UH12E and it is in excellent shape. I'm still flyig the wonderful Baja Peninsula and its beautiful beaches.

After almost six years of flying my Hiller I can say that it is the perfect helicopter for this kind of terrain. It is very tough and reliable. So far, its never let me down. I've been in places where my life depended on my machine running well.

I want to recommend to you a very exciting book about Hiller's called "Hovering Over Baja". It was written by Earl Stanley Gardener, the author of the Perry Mason Mystery stories. In the early 60's he spent many years exploring the Baja Peninsula by all means and this particular book is about how he used the trustworthy Hiller UH-12E to explore these very inhospitable canyons in the middle of the peninsula.

Happy and safe flying...

gonzalo theurel
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