Hiller, spares and web site.

Hiller's for sale

Hiller, spares and web site.

Postby Robert West » Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:48 pm

Probably the worst time in the history of the universe to sell anything !! However if the price is right and the bargain great enough, someone will be interested.
My medical has not been renewed, and therefore my Hiller and parts must be sold. N212W is pictured in the gallery on this site. She is near perfect and will be sold with a new annual. I have a vast inventory of A. B and C spares, including zero'd main rotor blades and tail rotor blades ( both still in their boxes). Engines, bubbles, mags, tail booms, and really too much to itemize.
I have a number of buyers for bits and pieces, but it is too much trouble and I want to sell "the lot".
All stored in secure, dry environment, and in excellent condition. With clever packing, one 40 foot container should hold everything.
Which brings me on to this web site. Whoever buys the spares, also takes ownership of this web site.
I want US $140K ( at todays exchange rate) for the lot, including http://www.helihiller.com. Fractionally negotiable.
If you are a serious buyer, I expect to see you here to inspect. My wife and I will be happy to house you whilst you are here.
Speak to me.
Happy new year,
Robert West
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