Hiller 12Ds for sale

Hiller's for sale

Hiller 12Ds for sale

Postby Plumberpilot » Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:09 pm

I have 2 hiller 12D projects for sale with excellent records.

I also have one each -19 and a -17 torsional couplings for sale.

I have 2 newly overhauled 51437-11 hubs for sale one has 376 HRs REMAINING the other has 721 HRs REMAINING

I have many 12E parts available for sale including 540 Lycoming engines and accessories call me if you need something.

I'm always in the market for Hiller main rotor blades.

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Re: Hiller 12Ds for sale

Postby gerald bouchard » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:28 am

HI Rick! I am Gerald Bouchard, I also have a Hiller inventory, Including acouple of dissasembled & preserved Gear Boxes, & T/R Gear box. I also did my own conversion from a UH-12D, to a UH-12E, and converted the Generator, over to an Alternator Sys. { piece of cake to do } Installed KX165 radio package & Transponder, Overhauled My own RotorBlades etc. I am interested in your Projects, Price, is a very important, I know first hand what it cost to build a complete Hiller from scratch. so perhaps We can get together some things, Blades is a very serious issue, Very Time consuming, to do a Good Job, Overhauling, Bore Scoping the Spars is a Must. However Give me a call at: 207-365-4838
gerald bouchard
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